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"Why Women's Anger at Men's Violence is a Powerfully Good Thing"

(Jan 2017- CBE)

(Nov 2016- CBE)

(Aug 2016- CBE)

(Jun 2016- Christians for Biblical Equality International)

(Sept 2015- Bridging The Gap)

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Most Requested Resources

  • The Role of Pornography: Commercial Sexual Exploitation & Trafficking on Film: Kotz's PDF HERE
  • Trading Sex: PDF on trafficking and commercial sexual exploitation indicators HERE
  • Search for a local CSAT (Certified Sex Addiction Therapist): HERE
  • Central MN Sexual Assault Center's website: HERE
  • Ten Things Men & Boys Can Do To Stop Trafficking: brochure PDF HERE

Recommended Reading & Film List

Books and films I reference and recommend on trafficking, men's violence, rape culture, pornography, abuse, trauma, and gender: Click HERE

Resources: Gender, Theology & The Church

What I Can Do To Act Against Rape Culture: Kotz's PDF HERE


See "Recommended Reading" list for more resources on this topic.

Covenant Eyes (Internet Filtering & Accountability)

  • Covenant Eyes Sample Report HERE
  • FREE Downloadable E-Books Featuring: A Porn-Free Church, Your Brain On Porn, Stop The Demand, When Your Child Is Looking At Porn