I am thrilled to have been invited to speak at Christians for Biblical Equality International's 2017 Conference, "Mutual By Design: Building God's Church Together" 

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My lecture will speak on the normalization of men's violence and to prevent and transform a rape culture. 

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Rebecca Kotz began educating and training on issues of men's violence against women at age 20. 

She currently works for a victim-services non-profit in Minnesota as a sexual assault counselor, advocate, group facilitator, and professional trainer. She works with female and male survivors of all ages who have been commercially sexually exploited (involved in the sex industry, had to trade sex for survival, or have been trafficked.) 

Kotz developed and regularly facilitates a psycho-educational support group for female survivors of trafficking/prostitution. 

She also developed and regularly facilitates a demand reduction educational school (a.k.a. John school) for male offenders convicted of commercial sex-buying. 

In the past she has worked or interned for a variety of human rights organizations and centers providing services for survivors of trafficking, sexual, and domestic violence. Some of these centers include 360 Communities Lewis House Battered Women's Shelter, The Advocates For Human Rights, The Institute For Trafficked, Exploited & Missing Persons, and the Department of Social Concerns at Catholic Charities. 

Rebecca co-founded A Light In The Night, an outreach ministry for those involved in the sex industry. She also founded Churches Stand Against Violence & Exploitation (Churches S.A.V.E.), an interdenominational church coalition that takes action against trafficking, sexual & domestic violence. 

She is a member of the Minnesota Human Trafficking Task Force and previously a member of the Minnesota Department of Health Sexual Violence Prevention Anti-Porn Symposium Planning Committee.

Kotz is a regular contributor to Arise, the official blog of Christians for Biblical Equality International. She writes on radical Christian feminism, egalitarian relationships & marriage, the harm of patriarchy, and eradicating men's violence against women. Her blogs have also been featured in Bridging The Gap and Patheos

In college, Rebecca was a student activist who founded Students Against Trafficking & Sexploitation (SATS), the first student organization in Minnesota to solely address sexual slavery. She worked with the SCSU Women's Center on sexual assault awareness and was the President of Chi Alpha campus ministries. She frequently lobbied to state legislators for multiple human rights issues (including the passing of Safe Harbor) through the Joint Religious Legislative Coalition.

Kotz graduated Magna Cum Laude from SCSU with a BA in Political Science and minor in Human Relations & Multicultural Studies. She earned multiple scholarships for her undergraduate work. Her senior thesis was titled, "Social Forces Grooming the Demand for the Sex Trade." She was awarded the School of Public Affairs Honor's Graduate Distinction for her academic achievement and defending an additional graduate thesis, "Legal Practices, Policies, and Programs Curbing the Sex Trade."  

Rebecca has committed to use her voice as an activist, speaker, consultant, educator and writer to defend women's liberation, global social justice, and ending all forms of men's violence. 

Rebecca currently lives in MN with her husband.

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Kotz speaking on the prevention of sex trafficking at the 2015 "Safe Communities" Conference in Elk River, MN.

Random Things About Me

Someone once called me a "prophetic pot-stirrer" and I liked it.

I put obscene amounts of cheese on everything.

I chase tornadoes- yes, for fun! 

I have been known to audibly exclaim or fist-pump when I read something awesome. 

A mocha is a hug in a cup.

Cinnamon rolls. Not gender roles.

You will not find me ashamed to call myself a Jesus-follower or a radical feminist. I clearly love loaded labels...

...Probably because I want you to ask me about them and then we can have a juicy conversation. 

Try to put me in a box, though, and you will fail. I delight in busting your box.

I love to surround myself with women warriors who use their voice.   

I love philosophizing/biking/everything with my amazing partner Taylor. Scripture comes alive by how he loves. 

Thank you!

I owe a debt to all those that have inspired and challenged me and my work. 

The victim/survivors I have worked with are at the top of the list. Thank you for allowing me into your life and sharing your pain and joy with me. You are truly courageous and I will fight alongside you for the rest of my life. 

Although I've learned from far more activists than I could possibly ever give recognition to, I draw my inspiration from Andrea Dworkin, Gail Dines, Catharine MacKinnon, Robert Jensen, Dee Graham, Allan Johnson, Jackson Katz, Melissa Farley, Judith Herman, Lierre Keith, Sheila Jeffreys, Rachel Lloyd, Lundy Bancroft, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Shane Claiborne, and other fierce agents of change.

"When I dare to be powerful, to use my strength in the service of my vision, then it becomes less and less important whether I am afraid." - Audre Lorde


© 2017 Rebecca Kotz 

Kotz speaking at a church event on rape culture and the impact of pornography on our society. 

Kotz was the keynote speaker at the "Take Back The Night" rally.
Kotz secures support and passes a resolution at her local caucus in 2016 for funding towards sexual violence prevention