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Women's Advocate & Gender Violence Speaker

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Kotz speaking on the prevention of sex trafficking at the 2015 "Safe Communities" Conference in Elk River, MN.

Rebecca Kotz currently works for a victim-services non-profit in Minnesota as a counselor, group facilitator, and outreach worker. She works with survivors of all ages and genders who have been commercially sexually exploited or trafficked. 

Kotz developed and facilitates a pre-court diversion program for survivors of trafficking/prostitution. She also developed a demand reduction school (a.k.a. John school) for male offenders convicted of commercial sex-buying. 

In the past she has worked or interned for a variety of human rights organizations and centers providing services for survivors of trafficking, sexual, and domestic violence. Some of these centers include 360 Communities Lewis House Battered Women's Shelter, The Advocates For Human Rights, The Institute For Trafficked, Exploited & Missing Persons, and the Department of Social Concerns at Catholic Charities. 

Rebecca co-founded A Light In The Night, an outreach ministry for those involved in the sex industry. She also founded Churches Stand Against Violence & Exploitation (Churches S.A.V.E.), an interdenominational church coalition that takes action against trafficking, sexual & domestic violence. 

She is a member of the Minnesota Human Trafficking Task Force and previously a member of the Minnesota Department of Health Sexual Violence Prevention Anti-Porn Symposium Planning Committee.

Kotz writes for Arise, the official blog of Christians For Biblical Equality International. She writes on Christian feminism, egalitarian relationships & marriage, social justice, the harm of patriarchy, and eradicating men's violence against women.

Kotz graduated Magna Cum Laude from SCSU with a BA in Political Science and minor Human Relations & Multicultural Studies. She completed the research and defense necessary to achieve the School of Public Affairs Honor's Research Graduate Distinction for her thesis: "Legal Practices, Policies, and Programs Curbing The Sex Trade." 

Rebecca was a student activist who founded Students Against Trafficking & Sexploitation (SATS), the first student organization in Minnesota to solely address sexual slavery. 

Rebecca has committed to use her voice as an activist, speaker, consultant, educator and writer to defend women's liberation and ending men's violence. 

Rebecca currently lives in MN with her husband. 

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Although I've learned from far more courageous activists than I could possibly ever give recognition to, I draw my inspiration from Andrea Dworkin, Gail Dines, Catharine MacKinnon, Robert Jensen, Allan Johnson, Jackson Katz, Melissa Farley, Judith Herman, Lierre Keith, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Shane Claiborne, and other radicals. 

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Kotz speaking at a church event on rape culture and the impact of pornography on our society. 

Kotz was the keynote speaker at the "Take Back The Night" rally.
Kotz secures support and passes a resolution at her local caucus in 2016 for sexual violence prevention funding